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I like pretty and feminine things and I particularly like putting floral images on my cards. But I am daunted by doing my own watercolor florals, so I just make do with no line watercoloring to make stamp images my own.

I learned no line watercoloring techniques from YouTube videos of my favorite crafters K Werner, Sandy Allnock and Marika Rahtu  who are artists in their own right and really talented.

But even if I am happy with my watercolored stamp images, freehand watercoloring has been on my mind since forever. I just love floral wreaths and bouquets and I would like to paint them on cards I make.


So when I got invited to a special class, I finally took the plunge and attended the watercolor class conducted by Iris Babao Uy and it was worth it! Iris made it so easy and fun. Although my work needs a lot of improvement, I learned the basic techniques and got over my inhibitions about how my florals will come out. So I practice when I have time and finally use my stash of watercolor materials.

Here’s my first attempt at a floral wreath. Notice the awkward odd bunch of flowers sticking out? I really have to work on my leaves too.

IMG_2177 (2)

I tried to paint another wreath using Prisma Watercolor Paper Pad and I immediately noticed how easy it was to lay down my colors and do a little blending.



Here is the finished wreath.  As I was told, using quality watercolor paper really makes a difference.

wreath final


I used the M. Graham watercolor palette, Raphael Petit Gris Pur No. 10 brush and ceramic mixing plate included in the kit provided at the workshop.

Isn’t it fun? If you would like to try watercolor and not sure where to start and what stuff to buy, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and I will be more than happy to share some tips and tricks I picked up from my class. You can also get ideas and lots of tips and how to’s in Pinterest and YouTube.

Thank you for stopping by.


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